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Find the IT freelancers that best suit your needs without loss of time, without intermediaries, at the right price.

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Recruit freelancers the Beastiejob way, it is

Save time

The profiles you receive are carefully selected by our matching algorithm and must have motivated their interest in your job.

Savings on your recruitment

No margin taken on the job! The price you pay is fixed and corresponds to the selection and matchmaking service. Dead Simple!

A healthy & Zen relationship

To find you the most suitable profile, it is important that all players trust each other. No information is hidden on the proposed profiles. It's our side #nobullshit

A simple offer

Access to the collective

249 € / recruitment campaign
  • Launch your campaign for 30 days and get in touch with an unlimited number of qualified profiles

  • You create your recruitment campaign via the campaign editor
  • You consult the profiles brought up at your own pace
  • You contact them via BeastieChat
  • You talk freely to your freelancers (chat, visio, phone)



Pay What You Want
  • You have contracted with one freelancer. Hurray!

  • We invite you to pay the amount you think our service is worth
  • It's up to YOU to choose the amount without obligation
  • You contribute to perpetuate our virtuous model A model without margin
  • 🧡 We thank you! 🧡

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How it works?

You create an account

It's simple, free and without obligation. Some information on your structure and it's done!

Do you need a resource? Create a campaign!

A recruitment campaign is the precise description of the job, as well as all the criteria expected for the profile sought: The maximum daily rate, the key skills required for the job, those which are optional, languages, etc. It is all of these criteria as well as the geographic data, linked to the location of the job, that will allow us to offer the job to freelancers who best match.

The "Beast" gets to work and offers you interesting and interested profiles

Once the campaign is launched, the "Beast" (our algorithm developed in-house) gives you the most relevant profiles, available and which have expressed their interest in the job, motivating it in writing.

A profile caught your attention, contact it directly!

The first contact is made via our internal "Slack," BeastieChat. A private "room" is allocated to you where you can exchange with the Freelance without any restriction.